Here’s a cold realization: Seattle is a better team than the Sox. Ugh.  Seattle’s won 4 of the first 5 head-to-head this year.  The best we can get out of a sweep is to earn a season split. Think about it–when the Good Guys were catchin’ confetti on LaSalle Street, the Mariners were on the golf course licking the wounds of a 69-win season.

That said, I just don’t think they have the tools to catch the Angels or work their way into the Wild Card.  Still, they have a lot to root for: Ichiro, Felix, and Putz, to name a few. Even so, they seem to be gelling without Hargrove at the helm.

Fresh off a raw rump-kicking by the Moneyballers, let’s just go out and win the series, huh? Baby steps to ’08.


One comment

  1. Thomas

    Yeah. It is a new year at least though, and hopefully Gavin Floyd and John Danks will be up for the task. I would have like to have kept Garland, but perhaps we can land Colon.

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