Rub Some Dirt on It.

Because this hurts. Boy, after not helping our ’08 club at the deadline by picking up nothing but low minors prospects for Iguchi and Mack, I was hoping to at least see a glimmer of hope from our current roster.  Last night’s game, of course, rivalled the Twin-Bullying in the double-header last month in terms of bad mojo.  Eight homers? Seriously.

There’s no silver lining.  Contreras had 20-loss stuff on the mound the last few weeks and has had a brutal year since "go."  Time for some DL time to clear his head or get himself healthy.  We need to see if Floyd has anything. If not, he gone.  Haeger, too. Both looked awful last night.

I may be in the minority, here, but this team is so bad right now, we have to make a serious effort to re-sign Dye.  Think about it, we’ll need at least two pricey free agents to fix the bullie and solve the shortstop problem.  We just cannot go into next season depending on Owens, Erstad, Pods, and Anderson/Sweeney in the outfield. We need at least one guy that can hit the ball.  Since the Break, JD has pulled himself together; hitting for both AVG and power.  Of course, if JD thinks he’s gonna pull in Caballo money, he’s nuts. That said, in order to make next year’s club at least somewhat competitive, you can’t have 3 automatic outs trotting out to the outfield.


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