Big Frank Comes Home

A nice series win against the Tigers this week, but, I tell you, it really shows how far we’ve underachieved this year when you see that we were capable of competing with the elite teams in baseball.  It was also nice to have Pods back in the lineup–I don’t know what it is, but when he’s in the lineup, everyone steps it up a notch.  Query whether that means he might be worth keeping on the roster next year. If only he could stay healthy, it wouldn’t be a question.

The Big Hurt lumbers into town tonight with Les Blue Jays.  It’ll be nice to hear the ovation he gets this time around.  There was quite a mixed reaction to Maggs over the week–in fact,  more boos that cheers, for sure. Which I thought was strange: I can’t say I understand the animosity. He was a nice player for us and when he wanted to cash in, he got shady, secretive, and greedy.  Good riddens. And we got a ring out of it. My feelings toward Maggs lean towards indifference.

But for Frank, it’s different.  He’ll wear the cap to Cooperstown. Cheers for Hurt. No question.  Let’s hope Gar can keep him in the yard this time…


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