Reconnecting with the Fan

I’m reminded of a recurring theme in Bill Veeck’s famous autobiography.  Bill Veeck, of course, was the former Pale Hose owner (two terms, actually) who thumbed his nose at the stuffed-shirt owners of the day in favor of the truism that baseball, at its core, is just plain entertainment. 

Today, being a baseball fan is not easy.  The guys selling news stories and accompanying advertising space keep trying to sell us controversy, disappointment, and fraud on the baseball pages.  Is the cloud over Barry Bonds a significant story? Yes, of course. But, haven’t we had enough? I have. Must these reporters snipe at each other and dish unverified, anonymous sources to build controversy over contract talks? No. Exhibit A: Buehrle–day after day we were spoon-fed controversy where, apparently, none existed.  What, exactly, is entertaining about impending free agents talking about the "business" of baseball?

For the love of the game, stop this nonsense. Every day, there are fun, entertaining things happening on the ball field.  Instead, media are selling what’s happening (or not happening) in the luxury boxes.

Though I must admit, I’d be tempted to do some channel surfing if I were in a luxury box as soon as Ozzie goes to this bullpen!



  1. Deidre

    This is a good reason why blogging sites have out paced traditional media sites. More often, readers are turning to user-driven content for the real story. Of course, we don’t have overhead, advertisers and magazines to sell. Can we blame the media for printing the nonsense or blame the public for what seems like an insatiable appetite for inspired writing.

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