An Erstwhile Pickup

Darin Erstad, of former Rally Monkey glory, has joined the Good Guys for the ’07 campaign.  Sadly, he arrives as news was released that Pods is going under the knife for his achin’ groin.  Pods is out 6 weeks plus.  Then, since it’s our speedster’s groin we’re talking about, he’ll probably go even beyond that.  I think smart money puts the over/under around May 1.  After all, he’s been nagged in the nethers since ’05.  Not good.

So, Erstad, who I would have considered the perfect 4th outfielder: a good-value vet with sure hands and won’t kill us at the dish if he’s on his game.  He replaces Gload and assures that Mack sees zero playing time in Center.  Plus, he can’t help but have a chip on his shoulder coming off an injury–

In all, I give this move a thumbs-up.  It only costs a little and, at worst, is an adequate stopgap.  At best, Erstad rebounds from the season lost on the DL, brings ferocity and talent to the outfield, and allows us to rest Anderson, Dye, and Pods regularly to keep them sharp for October.


One comment


    Kenny Williams is a blithering idiot. He chases Erstad for what reason? This is a guy who hasn’t had an OPS+ over 100 since 2000.

    Plus his defense is on the decline. If we want a no-hit good defense CF, we’ve already got Anderson who was as good as any CF in baseball last year.

    KW has decimated our farm system and ridden Shuler’s coattails to what success he’s had. We still await his first star draft pick.

    What a buffoon.


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