Freddy, You Broke My Heart…

It was him all along.  The rumor during the season was that this was Freddy’s swan song. My first reaction was that the Phils certainly got the better end of this deal. That may be true, especially if the kids we got in return never crack the staff.  However, after sleeping on it, my hope is that, in reality, when all is said and done: we’ve traded Freddy for another couple years of Buehrle, Dye, Iguchi, and Crede–all guys that need extensions–and possibly Javy. That, I can live with.  It’s time for McCarthy to step in.

So, here’s to not-so-fast Freddy! Thank you for a World Series and good luck in your new digs.  Say "hey" to Rowand for us.  And, next time you’re in town, drinks are on us. And the next time. And the next time. 


One comment

  1. Thomas

    I hope Kenny makes good on those extensions. After last offseason and watching this offseason, Kenny Williams does not look like the same GM. He is now afraid to spend money, where he spent last year like it was going out of style.

    I think he might be outsmarting himself with these finesse moves. Why in the world did we even get Vazquez last year anyway? All we had to do was slip McCarthy into Duque’s spot and it would have been all good.

    But after the World Series, Kenny decided to get cute and outsmart himself by getting Vazquez and sticking McCarthy back in the bullpen. I never understood that.

    I think we could have gotten more for Freddy. We still have a center field problem and I am not satisfied offensively with Uribe at shortstop. I don’t get it, but I hope Kenny is right.

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